Thread Painting Workshop – ‘Give It A Go’ Day

Saturday 30th July arrived. Was I ready to deliver my very first workshop?

The car is packed – I think I have everything. Time will tell.

We had half an hour to set up the hall for the four workshops – Hand Applique; Free Motion Quilting; Make Your Own Fabric and Thread Painting.

Everyone received a pack with a colour photograph, written instructions and a postcard sized art quilt ready for embellishment. After a bit of explanation from me and some advice on setting tensions (which turned out to be the most challenging part of the exercise), the whole class set off to try thread painting.

It was important to practice on an interfaced scrap to get the tension correct before working on the postcard. Everyone came prepared with the right coloured threads and the results were amazing!

I’m really proud of the examples from my team and the show and tell from the other workshops speaks for itself. I hope some of my students will take up the challenge and make a 12″ x 12″quilt to bring to the next quilting together day.

Give It A Go Day was a huge success and I’m sure it will be repeated again next year with other members stepping up to share their expertise. Congratulations to the committee for organising such a great event.


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