When Inspiration Just Won’t Show Itself…

I have found that when inspiration won't come, you just have to wait.

I have deadlines for a couple of challenges coming up next month. I've had some threads of ideas come to mind but nothing that I could get excited about. Recently my concentration has been focussed on a larger landscape quilt that really has no deadline, just an idea that I needed to do. A special place that I visit all the time when I'm out walking my dog. I realised that to be inspired for the other projects I needed to clear off my cutting table, hang up the work I have already started, put the threads away, and wait…

Thankfully I didn't have to wait long. Inspiration came in the form of an article by Sue Bleiweiss in the latest Quilting Arts magazine. I've recently considered the idea of working in a series and Sue made it sound so easy. I followed her tips on using a mind map quiltingdaily.com/mindmap. Then the ideas started to flow.

I now have a plan for both challenges – I just need to meet the deadlines. I will attempt to document my process without revealing too much of each quilt as I want to keep them both under wraps until they are officially revealed for the challenges.

Watch this space…


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